How to Change Name of Your Apple MacBook?

Apple MacBook can be saved as the name of “MacBook Pro or Air” as per the series. Naming of MacBook is very necessary and important when there is the possibility of mixing of device with others. You can change name as per your selection and distinguish your device from others. Changing name of apple MacBook is very easy, so you should follow some important steps given below and you can get new device just by changing with new name.

Apple iMac

Enter System Preferences-

 To start the procedures go to system preferences under Apple menu where you will get this best option. Scroll down under apple sign and click on system preferences to enter setting page. You can call at MacBook Support Phone Number 1-877-910-4205 to change the name of your apple device.

 Open sharing folder-

 Now you need to open sharing folder, next to Bluetooth icon that is placed under the third row under the head of “Internet & Wireless”. Just by opening it, you will get a section where you will be able to change the name of your computer.

Find & Change Computer Name;-

When you will move in sharing folder, you have to find the recent name of that would be presented next to computer name. This is normally placed at top of the window where the name of apple device would be obviously explained. If you face any technical problem while searching the name of your device, you can dial at Apple Customer Support Number for immediate results.

Change name of your apple MacBook-

Next step, you have to change name of your MacBook continually, so you can type your computer name and you will get your computer rightly. If you are unable to change name, you can call at toll free calling number instantly.

Apple Mac

To check name & open finder preferences-

After changing name, you should check name via finder preferences that is placed under finder menu. When you try to open this preference, you will see that your renamed MacBook is visible over with the appropriate option to enable this system.

Enable your MacBook use-

 Just after checking the name of your macbook, you have to enable your apple MacBook. For this purpose, you have to open finder preferences window where you can get the name of your MacBook. If required any help, dial at toll free Apple Mac Customer Service Number anytime for any issue.


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